Walk Alone

There are days when everything goes wrong at once. Something you did long back returns to you with vengeance to destroy your immediate future. I say destroy because that is the intensity of our negativity. In such situations, it’s the easiest to break down and one should do that too, if need be. Crying helps, takes out the buried emotions like lava in a volcano. Once you’re done with crying, it’s all off your chest and you can only cry as much. Soon it’s time to take the next step, now that you’re all better.

That is where the important part comes. Facing reality.

You see that when you need something desperately, something that you simply can’t do without, every fiber of your being wants that, you automatically start thinking of many ways to get it. These alternatives, these ‘ways’ come to mind. Now think of the ways which are simplest. Not easiest, but simplest. And now you know what to do.

In moments like these, moments of self-doubt and loneliness, the people who tell you that you can’t do it, or people who criticize or make you feel worse even though they say they are worried about you, these people are your real enemies. Stay away from them in moments like these. It could be someone as close as your parent, partner, teacher or just another person you know. It’s either because they can’t do it themselves or they simply don’t want you to do it. Reasons don’t matter.

It might break your heart to see that the people who you expected to help are only making you worse or nobody at all understands your pain. But it’s very important for you to accept it. Loved ones are sometimes the last people to understand the most obvious things. Learn to let go.

Remember, success can be shared but failure is all yours. That’s the sad truth of life.

When you succeed despite of all the pain and criticism, that sweet taste of success which instills life into you, that sigh of relief, that moment when you wanna just breathe like you woke up from dead, that feeling stays with you all your life. It is an addictive acquired taste which comes after a lot of pain. But when it does, it’s worth every breath you take.

So if you are broken, shattered, tired, confused, hurt or in doubt, cry as much as you want, but get up and walk alone. Cause the success you get now, will only be yours. It cannot be shared.



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