Tribute to Lana

Cars, roads, sky and me

I imagine these and my mind flees

Trapped in the cage of my thoughts I dream

Of the sunlit trees and winds that seem

Keen to rub my face, touch my hair

Lift my spirit and take me away


I fly on the road

Walk on the seas

Swim across time zones

To find my peace

I climb so high

Dive on my face

Reach the rock bottom

And happiness I exhale


Nature understands me like no man did

It attracts me like a magnet

I become a kid

I run in the barley fields like wind

Let go of my sorrows on top of the hill


Round the mill, in the desert,

Over the mountains, across the valley,

I look all over the beach and the sands

I love to roam without a plan

The strangers, these places give me a high

Forget the worries and young I die


Leash out today and unwind your soul

Run so fast, on the grass you roll

Today is the day, live it up

Travel the world, give it up


Lose everything you own

To find true freedom

Bound by no boundaries and religion

All the love and peace

Comes from inside

Go out today

Find your dark paradise. 


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