I don’t know why I am still here

Its not my place, it feels so wrong

Being alien to your environment

It’s not a space where I belong

The world is my oyster

Then why am I trapped

I have all the qualities

Then what do I lack

Maybe a little faith

I should put  in me

Maybe a little belief

In my dreams

I need to throw some light

On the plans that seem to fade

Or just set myself free

And leave everything to fate

What can be worse

Than dying a failure

How long will I sulk

And continue being an alien

I say to myself,

You get up and work

Start showing some love

In a world full of hurt

Make your world

Like you wish it was

Take a chance and you’ll see

The entire universe applauds.


2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. It’s lovely, Ashna. 😍
    Especially the leave it upto fate part, loved that. 😃
    Keep up the good work, waiting for more of such amazing writing. ❤️


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