There’s a web of emotions,                             

the people call it love.

They protect you inside,

but you only get hurt.


They call it home,

you call it prison.

They want u to stay,

you cant look for a reason.


They’ll teach you how,

you shouldn’t fall in love.

To run a relationship,

only money is enough.


You live with a lie,

your people call it family.

you are lonely in their presence.

Is that an irony?


They teach you to obey,

always be uptight.

Your feelings are secondary,

first comes their pride.


Always bend over,

When your parents give a speech.

They’ll gamble with your life,

But you dare not speak.


They’ll hand you over,

into the hands of a man.

Who only wants your body,

And also your cash.


He’ll take you away,

to fuck your life.

With celebrations & splendor,

you’ll become a wife.


Raise his children,

because that’s your life.

Just  pray you don’t,

give birth to a girl child.


Now you are a private property,

but you might get raped.

Cause women in this country,

can never be safe.


No matter who you are,

no matter what’s your age.

As long as you have a vagina,

you are eligible for rape.


No one will listen to you,

don’t expect any help.

Neither should you tell anyone,

or they’ll burn you to death.


When you turn old,

and remember your journey.

You’ll wish to be born as a man next time,                                

and definitely In another country.


But don’t shed a tear,

keep your heart alive.

Though you do have some options,

Like murder and suicide.


They’ll kill you everyday,

learn to enjoy the slaughter

Welcome to this world,

you’re daddy’s proud daughter.


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